pls enjoy game

Welcome to Osu!

Ismynametaken Published on Jul 25, 2020
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osu!mania vs Quaver: Which is better?

A short comparison between the two rhythm games.

thedrdu Published on Jul 25, 2020
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Pop Tarts

Of the many flavors, which are the best?

thedrdu Published on Jul 31, 2020
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What's your color of the day?
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The foundations of PRison ARCHITECT

Build and manage your own prison and set the rules.

Elian Published on Apr 21, 2017
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the worst book i've ever read

Exactly what the title says

Nemesis Published on Apr 21, 2017
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Book review- An Ember in the ashes

A review on the book An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Nemesis Published on Apr 21, 2017
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Overwatch Uprising

This is an article of the new Overwatch Uprising update.

epicthanos Published on Apr 21, 2017
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Team fortress 2 is the best game to ever exist

Today I am here to recommend Valve's Team Fortress 2

doot doot Published on Apr 20, 2017
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TRY zahada, some of the greatest riddles on the internet

Zahada is a website with multiple levels, each one being a riddle. 

doot doot Published on Apr 20, 2017
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Sword Art Online Sucks - Here's Why

SAO, the anime all over the internet, may not be as good as it looks!

thedrdu Published on Apr 18, 2017
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Have you ever wondered about the chicken's growth and how it is born?Well in this article, you'll be learning exactly that! Here is the process of a chicken's birth.

tiedie919 Published on Apr 17, 2017
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Nepalese and American Eye Surgeons cure cataracts of 4 million people

According to the University of Michigan, "half of the people between the ages of 75 and 85 have lost some vision due to a cataract." These two doctors have already cured the cataracts of 4 million people, and they plan to do even more. 

doot doot Published on Apr 16, 2017
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