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What is 2+2x4?
What is 2+2x4?

Answer this poll!

thedrdu Published on Feb 27, 2018
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Super Smash Flash 2 Guide: Mario

Learn how to play Mario like me!

thedrdu Published on Feb 26, 2018
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A test for images

A test to see if you can view images using youtube link address instead of downloading them

BottomText.txt Published on Feb 26, 2018
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Kotalpa PSA: Use images!


thedrdu Published on Feb 25, 2018
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Happy Late birthday KiraCatDog

Happy birthday

epicthanos Published on Feb 25, 2018
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Video Games. Are they worth spending money on?
Video Games. Are they worth spending money on?

Do you really need to play video games?

epicthanos Published on Feb 23, 2018
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hey sean

The new type of Kotalpa article.

Widi Published on Feb 23, 2018
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Kotalpa Contest #3: Favorite YouTUbers!

Kotalpa Contest is a series of fun challenges where users write articles and win rewards!

thedrdu Published on Feb 23, 2018
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Kotalpa Suggestion to users

A simple suggestion

BottomText.txt Published on Feb 23, 2018
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Overview of R6 Operation Chimera/Outbreak
Overview of R6 Operation Chimera/Outbreak

The new update for rainbow six is coming out soon and is already on the public test server but whats so good about it?

BottomText.txt Published on Feb 23, 2018
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Operation Chimera????
Operation Chimera????

Is Operation Chimera really going to be fun?

epicthanos Published on Feb 22, 2018
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minecraft scams: quick rant

This is what I think of MC Realms.

thedrdu Published on Jan 12, 2018
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A sonnet about mimi

Mimi is a pet cat of one of Kotalpa's users

thedrdu Published on Dec 09, 2017
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Yo I'm back to this site

Widi Published on Dec 07, 2017
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Idiotic ways to die in ROTMG

A look at 2 of the most idiotic ways to die in RotMG.

thedrdu Published on Oct 09, 2017
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Youtube Recomendations
Youtube Recomendations

Here is some real stuff 

BottomText.txt Published on Sep 26, 2017
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Protegent Complete security

The best antivirus ever!

thedrdu Published on Sep 11, 2017
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The history of tamon

The History of Tamon

thedrdu Published on Sep 05, 2017
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