Frequently Asked Questions

How do you save an article?

A: To save an article, select a main tag and click “DRAFT”

How do you edit/take down a post that’s published?

A: Go to “My Posts” in your profile and click the “Edit Post” button next to your article.

How do you get Kotalpa Points?

A: Points can be earned by writing articles, liking articles, and writing comments. You will get points if other people like your article too!

How do I find my school’s page?

A: Underneath “Meet your schoolmates” click “Go to your school channel”.

How do I add images, Youtube videos and backgrounds to my article?

A: To add images, save them to your computer and click inside the article. Click the plus sign and then click the image icon next to it, select the image from your local drive and hit enter. To embeded the Youtube video, click the plus sign and then click the video icon, paste the Youtube video url and hit enter. To add backgrounds, get the image URL and paste it at the bottom in the specified location.

How do I report a bug/user?

A: Contact us at

What if I still have questions?

A: Contact us at