Overview of R6 Operation Chimera/Outbreak

Overview of R6 Operation Chimera/Outbreak

-- The new update for rainbow six is coming out soon and is already on the public test server but whats so good about it?

Lets First go over Operation Chimera-

This is the first set of year 3 operators which are surprisingly both attack because we usually get one attack and one defender


Finka: Russian Female Operator

-Has 2 speed 2 armor

-Equipped with her unique Spear .308 Assault rifle (other Spetsnaz weapons as well)

-Ability: Gives a temporary health boost and lowers recoil, and increases and operators speed, this is applies to the entire team. Can be used two times(unknown)

Lion: French Male Operator

-Has 2 speed and 2 armor as well

-Equipped with V308 Assault rifle (other GIGN weapons as well)

-Ability: Has a drone that can be used two times. A timer goes off and the drone scans the entire map for enemy movement, if anyone moves during this period, a red outline of them as well as their identification will appear for a short amount of time (a lot like caveira for attackers)

Those are the two year three operators now lets cover the Outbreak event:

So a series of cinematics have been released for this event so I will put the trailer here and the opening cutscene beneath it (there are more cinematics just look on ubisoft's youtube account)

So the new update lasts from March 6th to April 3rd and is a coop event

There are different difficulties and friendly fire is turned off for some of them.

It has 3 different big maps that take place in Mexico which involves you destroying the source and defending rooms, LMG's finally become useful and the new recruit can only use Russian weapons, Each operator that is allowed to go on this even has different and unique voice lines that fit their personality and make this one of the best updates in the game. Overall based on the PTS (public test server) gameplay that I experienced, its actually really fun. It is a controversial update because r6 is about realism and people have made comments such as "Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave" but I welcome this free dlc event because it's something different no other Tom Clancy game has done. 

Overall I think that think that this update is a lot of fun and a great way to start off year 3 giving us a mini campaign to make of for the lack of one.

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