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Quarantine Poll

Quarantine has been tough for everyone. How're you all holding up?

Published on Oct 20, 2020
 4   1
Quarantine Poll
With the COVID pandemic taking place in America, each and every one of our lives have been drastically altered. We've become accustomed to the mask-wearing and the distancing, and it's starting to feeel as if our lives may never return to normal. With that being said, I wanted to ask all of you, the users of Kotalpa, how you've been holding up during this quarantine.Let me know by answering the poll and discussing in the comments! + ...

Taking Care of Your Cat:A Simple Guide

A short guide to the basics of caring for your cat.

Published on Oct 20, 2020
 4   0
Taking Care of Your Cat:A Simple Guide
Cats are beloved animals that many want to own or have owned. They're furry, small and very relaxing to be around. Here's a short guide to their basic needs and how to ensure your cat is well. If you want to know more about specific issues, I highly suggest searching them up, as this guide covers the general topics. Basic Needs:Litterbox & Litter: Cats need to use the bathroom too! A litter box with good litter will make your cat happy and keep things clean.Cat food: A balanced healthy...

Pop Tarts

Of the many flavors, which are the best?

Published on Jul 31, 2020
 1   1
Everyone is familiar with pop tarts, the classic sugary snack/breakfast food that, although meant to be toasted, is eaten raw every time. But which flavors of the dozens are the best? Let's see!It's pretty clear that the best flavors of pop tarts tend to be the more basic ones. While flavors such as s'mores and Jolly Rancher and all are okay, the pop tart brand shines with classics like berries and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. They tend to taste less synthetic and are the most recognizable in stores. Of all the flavors, my top 5 are:1. Brown Sugar Cinnamon2. Raspberry3. Blueberry4....

osu!mania vs Quaver: Which is better?

A short comparison between the two rhythm games.

Published on Jul 25, 2020
 7   1
osu!mania vs Quaver: Which is better?
With the open beta release of Quaver, a highly anticipated VSRG(Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Game), the question has come up in the osu!mania community of whether or not to switch to Quaver. To keep it concise, Quaver is better in almost every aspect except for charts and gamemodes. Quaver offers only 4K and 7K gamemodes, which are the most popular, but osu!mania offers 4-10K. Additionally, Quaver's selection of maps to play from is much smaller and more limited.However, Quaver's mapping system is much more unique and fun, and the maps...

Mimi is getting fat

My cat is seriously getting fat what do I do guys

Published on Aug 26, 2019
 2   3
Mimi is like 16 pounds now. She's really fat but still pretty chill, and I use her as a pillow.Should Mimi diet? + ...

Min Ha Vape: A Poem

Min ha vape

Published on Dec 19, 2018
 3   2
Min ha vapeMin ha umbrellaMin ha burnMin ha glassesMin ha shapiroMin ha shirtMin ha vape- Jeffrey + ...

The Kotalpan Youtube war

The War of the Kotalpan YouTubers has begun.

Published on Dec 18, 2018
 3   2
The Kotalpan Youtube war
Recently, a fellow user by the name of tamon has called out thebencho and I for not posting enough videos on our channel. This is a flagrant declaration of war, and came out of nowhere. tamon, this threat does not intimidate me. You will have met your match here. As such, thebencho and I will begin uploading videos...

What is 2+2x4?

Answer this poll!

Published on Feb 27, 2018
 3   11
What is 2 + 2 x 4? + ...

Super Smash Flash 2 Guide: Mario

Learn how to play Mario like me!

Published on Feb 26, 2018
 3   2
Super Smash Flash 2 Guide: Mario
Many of you fellow Kotalpa writers out there have seen how astronomically powerful my abilities are in playing Mario in Super Smash Flash 2. You've probably wondered: How does Jeff Du it? Well, prepare yourselves! Here's my detailed guide on how to properly play Mario!....

Kotalpa PSA: Use images!


Published on Feb 25, 2018
 4   3
Kotalpa PSA: Use images!
Recently all of you have been posting a lot, which is great! However, almost none of your articles have images, which makes the homepage look UGLY! Please try to find images for your articles! + ...