Why YouTube Rewind is trash

-- YouTube's infamous YouTube Rewind is now the number one most disliked post on YouTube. What changed? And how YouTube could get better.

This years YouTube Rewind is by overwhelming numbers the most disliked YouTube Rewind by far. People all around YouTube have been sharing their stories on the terrible filming experience and how they hate the direction the platform is moving in . . . but why is that? Well, to sum it up, YouTube is becoming disconnected from their creators. As YouTube focuses more and more on advertisements and how to make money, they lose the sense of what they really are; a platform for creators to make stuff. YouTube Rewind showcases this flaw more than anything else YouTube posts. People have started to become aware of this fact, and that is why this years YouTube Rewind is the most disliked video on YouTube. 

Creators who have participated YouTube Rewind are giving their opinion and how YouTube could become better, and I think the main point that needs to be addressed is YouTube can't act like what it's not. The platform has been trying too hard to appel to the public and "PC" culture, and it's turning YouTube into something it's not. YouTube was supposed to be a platform where everyone could have a voice. However, now people who say one thing out of line are shunned by YouTube and ignored. In YouTube's effort to appease the public they have lost who they were. 

In conclusion, YouTube needs to step up its game and go back to its roots if they really want to shake off all this hate from its users. And if YouTube is not willing to do that . . . we viewers are in for a ride.

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