Goodbye (for now), Kotalpa

-- My goodbye letter
doot doot

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was playing Realm of the Mad God on my Chromebook at home, and all of a sudden my phone buzzes. I check to see who it is. Jeffrey Du? Why would he want to contact me now of all times? I read his message.

My mom made a website for writing articles. It's called kotalpa.

What a weird name, I thought to myself. But I didn't listen to his message. Soon he began to assault our groupchat with similar messages, practically begging us to visit this mysterious website. One day, I figure, What the heck? and went on. There were three other articles. One was an article about the Big Friendly Giant Movie. The second was an article about One Punch Man 2 (funnily enough, it still isn't out). The third was about how bad of a series Sword Art Online was. I had no idea what to write about, so I plagiarized a recent article about how cataracts was being cured in Nepal thanks to foreign doctors.

That was my very first article.

As time went on, more people joined, and more articles were written. Soon there were Kotalpa contests, badges, points, and many more users than before. It seemed like Kotalpa was in its golden age, and that's because it was. However, even Rome fell. For some unknown reason, Kotalpa was blocked from the chromebooks, as was Realm of the Mad God. As eighth graders, we were devastated. How would we entertain ourselves in Avi's room now? Even I don't remember those dark times. That marked the beginning of the end of Kotalpa. Soon summer came, and we had no incentive to write articles. Even when freshman year began and new friends were made, Kotalpa was blocked on the schools Macbooks. Then, out of the blue, I received an email. That was nothing out of the ordinary, but this email was from a certain Jeff Du. I only had to read the subject line to understand the whole meaning of the email

Kotalpa has been unblocked on the school Macs

Finally. I thought it was going to be a Renaissance for Kotalpa. A new era, with new writers and new articles. Sadly, I was mistaken. Education becomes tenfold more important once eighth graders became freshmen, and it seemed that we were too wrapped up in school's cold, cruel grip to bathe in the glory that is And that is why, with a heavy heart, I am announcing my hiatus from Kotalpa. High school seems to be a threat that needs my full attention, and the Lovecraftian horror known as college will soon follow it. I just can't seem to write any more articles. It's sad that I have to go, but I would like to thank you for all the great experiences I've had thanks to this amazing website. But don't worry; I'll come back someday. It pains my heart that not many people, if any, will read this message. Like Mark Antony standing over the bloodied body of Julius Caesar, a mere mortal standing over the corpse of what was once a god among men, I can only say this.

Fare thee well.

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