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Let me preface this article by saying this: I have read all Percy Jackson books (in the series). I've red every single Kane Chronicles book. I've read every Heroes of Olympus book. It's safe to say I am rather familiar with Riordan's works. Honestly, I'm kinda sick of his writing and stories. I read the books when I was younger and soaked them up like a sponge. I guess nowadays I'm too old to actually enjoy them. Maybe its because I've realized there are better books out there, maybe its because I'm oversaturated. I haven't read the spinoff Apollo series, I haven't read the latest Magnus Chase (to be honest, I only read the first two because I had literally nothing to read). It feels like I'm running through the same motions every time. There's this kid, but he's not normal. He's special. He's related to some deity from ancient mythos. He has to save the world and also the friends he made along the way. And it's always related to Percy Jackson. Original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? Pretty fresh, new idea, nothing really groundbreaking plot-wise, but well-written with cool stuff. Like a children's version of American Gods mixed with Harry Potter. Heroes of Olympus? Okay, Percy's presence is pretty reasonable. The Greek and Roman gods are pretty much copy-and-pasted. The story is also rather good. Kane Chronicles? So it's confirmed its a shared universe, Percy isn't there, only implied. That's nice. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard? . . . Are you serious. Him being Annabeth's cousin is good enough, her having a cameo in there is pretty cool, but the end of book two. Did you really have to rope Percy in there? That's not cool. Can we have just one ****** series without him? Can I have a book that isn't about teenagers saving the world being related to Gods? Besides, what will "Uncle Rick" write about once Gods of Asgard is over. There's not that many types of mythos left in the world (Okay, that's a lie. There's no mythos left in the world that would be interesting in writing that wouldn't offend people.) I feel like Rick is beating a dead horse that has died about nine years ago. I hope one day he'll write a book that I can read without feeling bored. Gods of Asgard isn't a bad series by any means. The writing is fine, the characters are cool, and it has the signature modern versions of ancient gods. But I didn't enjoy. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really find anything special in it. If every single character was killed off except for Magnus, I honestly wouldn't even have any reaction and just keep on trudging through the book. That's what it feels like to read a Riordan book nowadays; a chore. Reading books shouldn't be a task, it should be something done out of sheer enjoyment. Maybe I've lost that enjoyment. Oh well.

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