Supreme: The Fidget Spinners of Brands

-- Everything is in the article.
doot doot

For those who are too lazy to read this, here's my opinion on Supreme; overpriced and overrated. That's all you need to know.

Ah yes. Supreme. The prime maker of hoodies for mumbling African American teenagers with mops for hair. So what makes them so popular? To put it lightly, I have no clue. Why? They're literally white hoodies that have their logo on them! And they can sell for upwards of $600. Again, I ask; why? Why would you abuse your wallet like a dog? You can buy 10 copies of GTA V with that! Or any major AAA game! Heck, you can buy 60 copies of Undertale or 87 copies of Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy or nearly 120+ games during either the Winter Sale or Summer Sale. And what do you choose to spend that money on? A crappy hoodie that's nowhere near as comfortable as the one I got from Target for $25. And don't even get me started on Gucci flipflops. I don't care that Supreme sells other merch aside from hoodies. Look at all the other fashion companies for the rich. Louis-Vuitton? Gucci? Prada? You know why their products are expensive? Because they look nice. The feel nice. They're high-quality status symbols. But do you know why Supreme's products are expensive? Because consumers are gullible. I'm not even going to waste any more words on this awful brand. Goodbye. 

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