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Author's Note: This article is rated PG-13, as some of the embedded videos may contain inappropriate language.

July 28th. One out of three-hundred and sixty five others. On paper, it may seem insignificant, but on July 28th, 2017, the greatest movie to ever be produced. Not Citizen Kane, not Monty Python and the Holy Grail; no, this movie is on an entirely different playing field. I am referring to, of course, The Emoji Movie

"I'm an emoji, I've gotta have some sorta purpose here."

To some, it may seem like the next corporate attempt at trying to be "hip with today's youth". However, similar to The Bee Movie, it became a meme with multiple people. However, one person took this admiration to an astounding level of dedication, to the point where no one can even tell if he's joking anymore. 

John "JacksFilms" Douglass is a YouTuber who has recently achieved 3,000,000 subscribers, every single one of them sharing long-running inside jokes. They all love hating Jack and hate loving Jack. Just like every other meme, JacksFilms hopped on, but this time something was different. He seemed to be dedicating an unusual amount of time to praising The Emoji Movie. First he streamed a frame-by-frame analysis (Literally. Every single frame. The video is an hour long.) of The Emoji Movie trailer, along with a countdown to The Emoji Movie under his face.

Very dedicated, John. Very dedicated

His fans went wild. What dedication did you need to accomplish this feat? But the madman with quite the forehead wasn't done yet. A month later, he streamed something else. It was him, counting down to The Emoji Movie. While dabbing every minute. While spinning 15 fidget spinners. For an hour. 

It's like counting down to New Years, but better

It just went downhill from there. He changed his Twitter icon into an image of the film's protagonist. He changed his Twitter username to the number of days left until July 28th. Was there some ulterior motive to this madness? Or was John "The Lightswitch" Douglass just this dedicated? When would there be an end to this. And then it came. 

"Christmas came early."  -John Douglass

All those months of self-induced labour had paid off. The marketing team at Sony Pictures had sent Jack an Emoji Movie care package, including a letter crowning him with the title of "#1 fan of The Emoji Movie". The package contained emoji-themed fidget spinners, an emoji plush, many other things, and two tickets to the world premiere of The Emoji Movie. The description of the video reads, "I can't stop laughing". I guess dreams really do come true.

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