5 fun things to do in the summer!

-- Summer can be long, so here are some fun activities!
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Hey, are you bored? You shouldn't be! After all, it's summer; a time of relaxation and the calm before the storm. Should you ever be in the unfortunate situation that you are bored, remember: DON'T SPAM YOUR FRIENDS. Here are 5 things to do (a few things required)!

1. Learn a new language

Did you know that bilingual people often perform better academically than monolingual people? Summer is two months of free time, so that's plenty of time to polish your bilingual skills or learn an entirely new language. There are many free language-learning apps that I recommend, namely DuoLingo and Quizlet.

2. Play a board-game

Many people today have this stigma that board-games are more boring, more tedious, or even just generally inferior to video-games, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Board-games are tons of fun and often can be as fun, if not moreso, than video-games. Many fun board-games I recommend that you play with friends are chess, Exploding Kittens, and Magic: The Gathering if you are in to complicated stuff

3. Watch TV

One of the things most taken for granted in this day and age is the television. Yes, YouTube provides more content than there is time on Earth, but for once, give your eyes and neck a break and look at a screen more than 5 inches from your face. I shouldn't have to tell you what shows to watch. Even if you hate TV, you can probably boot YouTube onto it and watch some of your favorite content creators on the big screen.

4. Doodle

Just draw. It's one of the ways I wind down after a stressful day at school. Don't even care about what your drawing or how good it is. Just do whatever. If you want to doodle a noodlekitten, do it. If you want to doodle your homeroom teacher as a slug, do it. Doodle all of the thoughts in your head.

5. Write on Kotalpa.com

What else should you do? Writing on Kotalpa.com is scientifically proven to be the number one way to relieve stress. Did you know? The word "kotalpa" and writing articles are the top two ways to trigger the release of dopamine in the average human's brain. When you combine those two together, well, you get some of the happiest people alive. 

Well, I hope all of you are enjoying your summer vacations. Also, I'm sorry that I have to do this, but I can't write three articles a week. I can only guarantee one, but I will always strive to write more. Thank you so much for reading. 

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