Chess: The Ancient Game

-- Chess is a board game that displays intelligence, but many people don't know its history
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It began nearly a millenium and a half ago, in northern India. A board game, consisting of numerous different pieces, each moving in their own way on a plane of squares, alternating in color. It was created under the name Chaturanga, meaning "the four divisions" in Sanskrit. Many of you have not even heard of that name before, but I am certain that you know the name of what it has evolved into; chess. A board game nearly as old as history itself, and the most influential one to ever exist.

From there, it spread along the Silk Road to other countries, including Persia. It was then conquered by Arabs and permeated throughout the Muslim empire and Southern Europe. Starting in the 1200's is when the birth of modern chess begins. Due to how spread out chess was (from India, to Persia, to the Middle East, to Europe), every region seemed to have its own rules. That changed when the official rules were applied to all games of chess. Some pieces had been changed to move differently, either lessening or increasing their power. Soon the first official chess tournament was played, then the first world championship, and then the World Chess Federation was formed, leading to today. Every time we play a game of chess, we are playing a piece of history. We are playing with pieces that decided so many things throughout its existence. The game has been around for 1500 years, so when you play, you are playing a game that Ben Franklin, Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon, and others of history's greats have played.

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