Top 4 cheezies

-- I will place my favourite brands of cheezies in order from worst to best

4. Cheetos (soft and crunchy)

Soft Cheetos are the equivalent of eating plastic with a cheese slice; they're mostly bland and what little flavour they do have is not very good. Crunchy Cheetos have better texture and flavour, but are mostly the same as their soft counterpart. Cheetos get an extra point for their mascot.


3. Old Dutch Cheezies

Their flavour is good texture is fine. That is the most I could say about these Cheezies as despite them being better than Cheetos, they lack any distinguishing features.


2. Humpty Dumpty Cheezies

Humpty Dumpty Cheezies' flavour extremely close to perfection, but the texture is where they falter. They are WAY too soft; they fall apart in your mouth which some people may like, but I personally, I do not . The flavour is almost like real cheese which makes it a lot more enjoyable to eat.

6/10 or 7/10 when stale


Banana chips:

they would be number one but they aren't cheezies. They also lose a point as they are also referred to as "Plantains".


1. Hawkins Cheezies

The flavour of Hawkins Cheezies are both perfect. They are crunchy and taste mostly like cheese. The flavour of Hawkins cheezies can seem a bit too strong for some people, but for people who like strong flavours, they're perfect  

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