top 3 reasons pets are beneficial

-- Are they needed?
PiNk lEm0nAdE

Pets are something that a lot of families have. Children and parents love them! There cute, cuddly, kind, and so much more. But is there better things then just having them be cute! Well sure! And I am here to inform you of those reasons!

1. Companionship

Pets act as companions for people. They truly are a man's best friend. Pets will follow you, show affection, and will help you. Pets, dogs specifically can be trained to get the morning newspaper, help open doors or collect items! Pets will go anywhere with you

2. Loneliness

People can suffer from being lonely or upset. Pets give people a sense of happiness or togetherness if that makes sense. It makes people feel that there is someone there to listen. Pets will listen and sit there and show affection. This can make people feel better because there someone there for them.

3. Independence

Now this doesn't really matter for parents but it does for kids. All pets need devotion and immediate care. Whether it be going on walks, cleaning a cage or litter box, feeding pets, or anything else. This shows kids a sense of independence because it is (most likely) their pet so they feel independence because they take on large responsibility.

So pets show everyone care and compassion but there is so much more to it! Pets help people as a whole and I think if no one in the family is allergic, to consider a pet! Then again, that's only my opinion! I have a pet myself, (cat) and they are the best friend anyone can have!

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