famous glass BLOWER: dale cHIHULY

-- Made great works of art with glass

Dale Chihuly is a famous glass blower, who made many works of art with glass. He learned about glass while studying at the University of Washington about interior design. After graduating, he then traveled to another school to learn about it. Then he established a glass program at the RISD* and taught for more than a decade.Then after receiving a Furbright Fellowship, He went to work in a glass factory in Venice. There he observed the team blowing glass, which is critical to his work today. Afterwards, he co-founded Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State. With that international glass center, Chihuly led in the development of glass as a fine art.

His work is everywhere in the world. He has more than 200 museum collections, and been the recipient of many awards. Some of the well known works are the Cylinders and Baskets i the 1970s, Seaforms, Macchia, Venetian, and Persians in the 1980s and more. His works are also in the New York Botanical Garden, right now to August 11th (give or take). I was there today and it looked cool. Chihuly also is blind in his left eye. He was involved in a serious car accident that sent him though the window shield  and made him lose sight in one eye. So he wears an eye patch.

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