the controversy of daddyofive

-- DaddyOFive was/is a large vlogging Youtuber, who took a much different approach to family vlogging, which turned out horribly wrong in the end.

DaddyOFive was a family vlogger who, as his name suggests, was a father of five children. Recently, there was been a swath of controversy surrounding him. These videos would target two specific kids usually, Cody and Emma. People always knew something was up because they looked highly different from their siblings. In these videos, Mike Martin A.K.A. DaddyOFive, would simply become absolutely enraged at his children, for simple things like not cleaning their room. About a week ago from today, he uploaded a video where he sprayed washable ink all over Cody's bedroom. He and his wife proceeded to become enraged at Cody, and suddenly his brother Alex, yelling at them to clean up a mess they never made. These two boys were 8 and 9 years old. One doctor proclaimed this to be psychological torture. After the entire online community became enraged at these parents, they privated every one of their videos and uploaded an apology video, where they claimed that everything was faked. After this, the anger mostly subsided, and they even went on DramaAlert to be interviewed by Keemstar. Suddenly, a video was re-uploaded on someone else's channel. This video depicted the father forcing his son, Alex, to slap his daughter, Emma. This lead to the Baltimore Child Protective Services (CPS) being overloaded with hundreds, if not thousands, of calls. Soon after this, a woman claiming to be Cody and Emma's mother revived a funding page she had to take her children back. The parents uploaded another video admitting that the mother in the videos was Cody and Emma's stepmother. They switched back and forth between houses until Michael Martin legally kidnapped the two children two years ago. Their mother has not seen them in person since.

For now, the children remain with Mike Martin, however it is very likely that they will be removed from the household very soon.

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