Why do we think France surrenders a lot?

-- We all think of France as surrendering often, but is that really true?

France has constantly been the target of jokes surrounding their constant surrender. While the French did suffer a rapid defeat in WWII against the Nazis, this mindset is simply not true. Believe it or not, the French do have a rather impressive archive of victories. It is only during recent years that we grew this mindset after the National Socialist army, which was almost unstoppable anyway.

While the French have suffered major and humiliating losses, you have to remember where this comes from. The French tend to lose because of overconfidence, mainly from entering wars without allies. But think: Why are they overconfident? This is where the truth comes in: The French are overconfident because they are great fighters. They have a rather impressive history of winning wars before World War 2, and have an over 50% victory rate. The war legend Napolean? He was French! France has beaten giants like Rome, and have conquered nearly 1/2 of Europe before. At one point, the French had too many knights. How did this superpower turn into a laughingstock?

Well, this all can be connected back to World War 2, one of the most embarrasing losses for France. In the span of 6 weeks, France was conquered by the Axis powers. However, we ignore the fact that the Axis powers were winning against both Britain and the Soviet Union at the same time, but we choose to target France. This misconception is saddening, as it takes away from a truly successful country. No matter what, France will still be an amazing country.

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