-- A little short story I wrote. :)


Striding into class wearing just a plaid shirt and baggy old jeans, I realized what despairing day today was. It was the day that the administrators gambled for better school conditions, to try and finally afford lavish classrooms, to make the school greater. And we lost, every time.

But why do we have pay the price for the haughty acts of the once looked up to administrators of our once great school? It gratified no one to find that our already bad school just got worse. Again.

Our parents are clearly voting impetuously-instead of working hard to improve the learning conditions of the students of Summerton, they play poker and lose our privileges. And for what? What do we get, that’s worth the problems that only the children can see? Things are looking grim, and no one has a smile on their face anymore. The flowers are all plucked, almost as if someone seeked revenge against rapture. Jobs are almost all minimum wage, and families are slowly moving away. Good for them. The administrators are vain and inconsiderate of others; they all just make their decisions on a whim.

But that’s where I should come in. Should being the key word. In class, I was just another student who knew the answer, just another kid whose future would seem bright if they could get a better education or go to a college when they grew up. But deep down, I know who I really am, even if it’s the problems that come with it are hard. I still remember the consternation I had when I first found out. Oh, how I just wanted to beseech someone how and what I could do to make us better. I’m glad that never happened.

At first, I held hope. Hope that I could use my powers to gratify the people I knew, and it was wonderful at first. But facing the fact that I’d have to have pluck, and the people would be secretly waiting for me to mess up. I finally decided I would never, could never reveal what I truly am. Until the moment was right for me to accept the true me.

Unfortunately for me, that moment never came.

Instead, it came much, much sooner. It wasn’t a “do I want to do this situation”, where I could ponder the situation like most people. For me, it was out of need. Desperation. I saw what was happening almost too late, and I realized that for once in my life, I wasn’t a burden. I wasn’t one more person to feed. I knew I’d be worth something, someday, and I knew I’d know it when I knew it. And I know it.

I thought that when the day came, everyone sane would be either evil, hysteric, or prostrate. I was wrong. Absurdly wrong.

The next boring school day, I opened the door to come across an incredible surprise. “Hooray! Why are you looking so grim, my girl? Now's the time to celebrate!” Taking a moment to take this all in, I realize something is incredibly wrong. The last time there was a celebration was when our government wasn’t corrupt, when I was just a small boy. I was around nine or ten, and it was the golden age of our town. There was revelry to be shared, and happiness to last an eternity. Not that it lasted.

But that’s not today. Today is the day the town’s leaders broke what's already broken. I noticed that the man was carrying vials of liquids that are every color I could ever imagine.

“Ah, I see you’re eyeing my cocktail. Took me a while to make.” He stops to smugly wink at me. “And I’ll gladly give you a sip.” He tried to hand me a vial, but when I cautiously took the lid off, a bit of it spilled on the floor. I instinctively jumped back, and saw the damage that was done.

But this wasn’t another ordinary spill on the rug. A dark, sizzling acid pool formed on the floor, centimeters away from me-and some, on my feet.

Part II: The awakening

He knows. He knows, he knows, he knows. No, this can’t be happening. I did everything I could to keep myself secret. I blended into the crowd. No one noticed me. No one ever thought special of me. No one thought I was important or different anyway.

But as much as I hate it, I do. When I thought this over, a sliver of a memory from when I was four came to mind. I was blissfully wandering around a desert when I got lost. It occurs to me now that wandering around in a desert of all places was not a good idea. But at some point, a small, purple hooded figure appeared before me. He bowed, then for reasons I do not understand, I heard him speak. ”The field of battle is my temple. The swordpoint is my priest. The dance of death is my prayer, the killing blow is my release.” He lifted his finger up to my heart, and I felt all fuzzy. I was too young to know that he didn’t actually speak.

Except for one other person. No one knew I could bend light but one other.I realize now that there was one other person who thought something of me. He was a tall man, shaggy hair and painfully skinny. He asked me what I liked doing, my hobbies, and how I thought I was special. I told him I wasn’t. It seemed like the right thing to say, but I see that he noticed that when I lie, my right forefinger twitches ever so slightly. But I should have just rattled on like a normal kid, blabbering on and on about how I’ll change the world. Then I remember what he said to me. Something I couldn’t put my finger on for a while. He said flatly, ”You’ll be a huge difference in the world.” And jumped out the school window.

But he did something else, too. With nothing to focus on, I kept a mental note of his foot banging against the wooden floor of the office. Every couple of bangs, he tapped the desk. And an idea popped in my head. I knew just what to do.

“Hmm, let’s see. No, not that. Ugg!” I mutter to myself. As it turns out, surfing the web for secret codes takes a lot of time, and there are millions of codes. All right, let's see: secret message involving foot taps and finger Well, that’s an awfully convenient website. There was two options available for me: one for Europeans, and one for Elian Samuel.

What!? I scream inside my head. This makes no sense! How could that strange man know that? It’s like he knew exactly what I would search for and that I would happen to stumble across this site. Hesitantly, I clicked the link for my name, and a blood red message popped up. My mouth fell open as I read what it said: We’re coming for you.

I can barely believe I didn’t remember.

Part III: The end?

I forced myself to return to the present. To asses the situation. To do the

smart thing to do. But I found that I couldn’t move my body. I was paralyzed.

“You like that, do you?” He sneered. It wasn’t really a question. I would blatantly answer if I could, but a more pressing matter came to mind. My breathing was slowly stopping. “Don’t worry, you’re not going to die. Boss don’t want that now, does he?” Then he suddenly staggered back, as if the wind was knocked out of him, and as I saw a fist coming toward my head, I knew there wasn’t much hope in my future.

Before I processed it, I felt that I was













Then nothingness. My time has come to an end. And I accepted it. But I didn’t die. I’m still alive. And there’s nothing they can do to stop me. From tearing their secrets apart. I will destroy them… if it’s the last thing I do.

Part…IV? No.

Ugg. . . Where am I? I try to open my eyes, but in vain. All I can see is darkness, like I’ve plunged into an empty void. But I’m still in reality. I can feel the texture of a rough bed. The texture of cold, unforgiving floor. And I can hear myself, too. A ghastly thought appeared in my head. Hesitantly, I shakily moved my hand to my eye. But where I expect to find myself flinch at my touch, I feel nothing.

No. No! NO! This can’t happen. I should be able to see. I need, to see. But I can’t. This isn’t something natural. I didn’t just lose my sight. My eyes are gone. I will never see again.

“Ah, the blind bandit. You like the nickname? It suits you well. Your parents have quite a reputation.” He takes a moment to revel in my suffering. “Listen. I like you. So if you want to survive, you’ll need to be obedient.” I don’t need sight to know that he’s sneering at me. “And for starters, don’t try to escape.”

And he just left me to my own miserable cell. “I’ll get out of here! And when I do, you’re not safe from me. None of your kin are,” I screamed into the darkness.

“Yes, they are,” came a raspy voice from my side. I’m guessing another inmate in the cell next to me.

“Yes, it’s this one,” another unfamiliar voice rang out. If I had to guess, the guards were bringing the man I met somewhere away. And if I know prisons, which truthfully I don’t, I’m guessing he’s not going to see, uh, hear me ever again.

“Noo. No. No. No! NO! I’m not coming with you. I won’t!” The poor soul sounded as if he was forever lost and torn away from the things he loved. Now that I think about it, he probably was.

“No. I just… want… to… see… her. Please. Just… once.” He burst out sobbing. I couldn’t feel sorry for the man. He has spoken so heart broken, so hopeless, that it’s like he didn’t want to be in this world any longer if it wasn’t for the girl he’s talking about. “I need to… see… her. My sweet. Sweet. Elian. It’s my… last… request… plea-” The sound of a blade tearing through him was more than I can bear. My father was captured And killed most right next to me. And there was nothing-nothing!- that I could do. I’m not evil. But these men deserve to pay!

It’s not enough to just exist. We need to be with family. Friends. But I don’t have any now. I once thought that I was orphaned. But that was a lie. My parents were alive. They were kept alive, just so they could die, at the right moment. It’s the worst kind of imprisonment. Worse than a lifetime sentence to prison. Almost worse than being tortured. But knowing. Knowing is the worst curse of all. Me. Just like my parents. Just like every other hopeless prisoner is. We are kept alive until the time is right. When they can deal the most damage They can. Their mistake.

I can’t live much longer. I am almost out of anchors to this world. All that’s left now is a shimmer of light against an ocean of darkness. But today I mourn. Tommorow I plan. I deceive. Then when the time is right, and only then, I will break out. I will free every other lost soul in trapped behind bars here. I promise. Even If it’s the last thing I do. Deep inside I know it probably will be last thing I do. And this time, I’m keeping my promise. They, the corrupt, power craving, greedy leaders, are not getting away. I swear.

Part V: The last thing

It’s time. I’ve mourned. I’ve planned. I’ve deceived. And because I’m blind, I see more than anyone. I hear more than anyone. That naive, oblivious, semi-blissful girl I once was is gone. I’m not satisfied yet. Nor should I be. I’m not happy anymore. Don’t laugh. But I’ll make a difference. I’m not some hero that saves the day whenever danger appears. That’s just not me, and it never will be. But I can still make a difference.

When a tale is passed down of what happened, I won’t be a major character. Just one that helps the main character escape, then forgotten in the wonders of what they did. But even if no one remembers me, it’s still worth it. I’ll get to make a difference. Heh. It’s what I always wanted. But I didn’t think it would happen like this. I know what will inevitably occur. I will die either way, successful or not, I will die in the end. I just hope it’s for a good cause.

It’s nearly time. No more silly thoughts or daydreams. No more wishing I could be with my parents. It’s only a distraction. But a darn good one at that. Alright. Review. Every three hours, the guard walks by and checks that I’m in the cell. Once he makes sure that I’m real, I’ll have seven and a half seconds to take his keys. The only catch, he’d see me doing it, so I’ll need to turn both myself and the keys invisible in time. That is the reason I’m here after all. Someone found out. But I hadn’t. Not in time.

It might not be incredible. I can’t stop super villains or crafty bank robbers with what I have, but it is perfect for the task at hand. Clud. Clud. Clud. The sound of the seemingly soulless guard's footsteps came nearer. Clud. Clud. Clud. Then it stops. He peered inside my cell, then once satisfied, left me just like always did. So predictable. I bended the light around me, then walked as fast as I could without him noticing. Then while he was in reaching distance, I reached my arm out and quickly bended the light around the keys and nabbed them. Then as fast I dared, I bended the light to appear that he still has possession of what I have acquired.

After the successful heist, I waited forty five minutes, halfway until the next guard appears. Then I made sure that me and the keys were not visible, and tried each of the keys on my lock. To my surprise, the third key worked. Usually in movies and TV shows it’s the first or the last. But no, this is reality, and it fit perfectly, so I bended the light around my bed to look like I was still sleeping. Then I slowly opened the door and crept out before closing and locking it once more. And like I said. Because I’m blind , I see more than anyone else.

Muffling the keys under my semi-torn rags, I used every skill I knew to find where they control everything. Every prison had a bridge or room where they controlled when the doors opened for food or yard time. I just had to find it. And luckily for me, everyone talks about it and where it is.

Creeping up the stairs, I waited silently until one of operators slipped out, giving me the perfect time to slip in undetected. Alas, this won’t be easy, like everything, but I’ll definitely not be undetected. And when the time is right, and only at that moment, did I bend the light around the captain and bind him. The good thing about being alone for hours at a time with a little bit of rope is that you get good at tying knots. I did it as quickly as possible before moving to the next, and then wasting no time using brute force to straight up knock the last operator unconscious. I analyzed the machinery as quickly as I could.

The two I bound had ran away, and it was mere moments until the alarm was raised. I found the switch for releasing the prisoners, and one for opening all the doors in the prison. I choose that one. BA! BA! BA! The alarm was officially raised. I had minutes before they found me, but I still opened the doors. All that was last now was to tell what happened. I went to the loud speaker, and with all my heart, announced, ”Everyone, you must leave this place. They have trapped us here, but I have opened the doors to a new life. You must leave when you still can. I have sacrificed my life so you all may carry out yours in peace. Please. Go.”

And now, all that’s left is to wait. The ocean of darkness that once filled me now nearly became shining with light. All that I request as I write down what happened, is that when I die, my body is burned, and the ashes are sent to my foster parents. And for them to read this. So they understand. And so they love once more. That, of all things, is my request. Please honor it. Please.

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